SSP Technology focuses on high quality craftmanship

SSP Technology designs/develops XXL offshore prototype blades

SSP Technology combines newest technology and experience for optimal blades

SSP Technology supplies moulds and root joints for wind turbine blades

SSP Technology – specialized in wind turbine blades

SSP Technology (Denmark) designs, develops and optimizes wind turbine blades.
Since 2001 SSP Technology has helped customers worldwide with development of
competitive wind turbine blades.
We strive to constantly be at the forefront of the latest technology and
knowledge focusing on cost efficiency and cost reductions.

SSP Technology has extensive experience across the entire value chain

Our knowledge base:

  • Composite application
  • Aerodynamic design – load calculations
  • Structural design & Engineering
  • Tooling / equipment manufacturing
  • Component manufacturing
  • Blade test support
  • Prototyping
  • Small series blade production

We corporate and develop together with our customers

SSP Technology makes tailor-made blade solutions based on customer
We value a close dialogue with our customers.
We combine our customers’ and our knowledge, technology and experience in order
to deliver best-in-class wind turbine blades.

We offer a full turn key package

SSP Technology offers all aspects of blade technology and development.
We are able to support our customer all the way from design to the final
testing of the blades.
Our customers can also choose to ask for our assistance on separate project work
such as blade moulds, blade designs etc.

Proven track record

Developing a 83,5 m. blade for Samsung Heavy Industries’ new 7 MW wind
Manufacturing more than 40 moulds, each capable of a high number of blade
prints each year.
Designed and developed more than 15 unique blades ranging up to 7 MW.
Our patented root joint supports highly cost competitive blade solutions.

Contact us:

Phone: (+45) 63244000