SSP Technology focuses on high quality craftmanship

SSP Technology designs/develops XXL offshore prototype blades

SSP Technology combines newest technology and experience for optimal blades

SSP Technology supplies moulds and root joints for wind turbine blades


2001 SSP Technology is established
Establishment of SSP Technology by Rune Schytt-Nielsen and Flemming Sørensen, who are both pioneers within design of blades for wind turbines. In addition to a thorough knowledge of blades, both Rune and Flemming are seasoned sailors, who know how to take advantage of the in-depth knowledge gained from their sailing career in building the company’s culture.
2002 Manufacturing the first SSP 34 m blade
SSP Technology develops the SSP 34 m blade with a length of no less than 34 metres. The blade is prepared for installation on tested 1.5 MW plants. The objective is to produce highly effective light-weight blades in an aerodynamic design. The objectives are achieved by combining composites in a carefully balanced ratio and subjecting the material to a special hardening process.
2003 The first SSP 34 m blade is installed
2003/04 Sale of shares to Plambeck Neue Energien AG
2004 The SSP 34 m blade is certified by Germanischer Lloyd
2006 Patents approved
Patents for the SSP components, the load carrying spar and root solution, are granted.
2006/07 The order volume reaches 2.5 million Euros
2007 New Energies Invest AG takes over 27% of SSP’s shares
New Energies Invest AG, which is engaged in the administration and sale of companies within renewable energy, invests four million Euros in SSP Technology and thus, acquires 27% of the share capital.
2007 The world’s largest blade mould for batch production is manufactured
2007 New workshop taken into use at the Danish headquarters
SSP Technology A/S builds new production facilities and expands the total production area to 6,500 m2. The new plant costs three million Euros and is taken into use in December 2007.
2007 Joint venture in China
The first international joint venture partnership in China on the SSP 34 m blade concept.
2007/08 The order volume reaches 23 million Euros
2008 Red Herring winner 2008
SSP Technology appears on Red Herring’s list over the 100 most innovative companies in the EMEA region.
2008 SSP Technology expands
In June, the construction work of a new administration and workshop begins. All in all, SSP Technology is adding approx. 4300 m2 to its physical capacity.
2008 New investor in SSP Technology
On Juli 1st, Plambeck Neue Energien signs a contract for the sale of SSP shares. The new investor is Ventizz Capital Partners – the enterprise that will be the main shareholder of SSP Technology in the future.
2008 Business award to SSP Technology
In October, SSP Technology receives the award “Den Gyldne Nagle”. The award, which is based on an initiative by Dansk Metal in Svendborg, has been handed out to successful companies based on the South of Funen since 1991.
2010 SSP Technology acquires blade design company
SSP Technology acquires the Danish based blade design company, CompoCon, and thereby expands the company’s capacity and knowledge within composite design.
2010 Opening of new office in Chicago
In August, SSP Technology opens a new office in Chicago, Illinois.
2010 New investor in SSP Technolgy
Ökorenta Private Equity steps in as new minority shareholder with a share interest of 4%.
2011 Developing the World’s longest blade, 83.5 m. 
SSP Technology and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) agrees to develop the world’s longest wind turbine blade. 4 prototype blades of 83.5 m. are designed and later manufactured at SSP production facility.
2012 The order volume reaches 28 million Euros
2013 The World’s longest blade in operation on a test turbine
In less than 2 years from signing the contract with SHI the record breaking blades from SSP are installed on an offshore test turbine in Scotland.
2014 Royal Visit
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and the Danish Minister for Climate, Environment and Buildings visits SSP Technology in acknowledgement of SSP’s research and development within the wind industry.
2014 Completion of 74.4. m. prototype blade set 
SSP develops blades and mould tooling for German Senvion SE. The 74.4 m. blades are for a 6.2MW offshore turbine.
2017 Nordex acquires SSP Technology A/S
 The Nordex Group acquires SSP Technology A/S as of 1. of February 2017.