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Root – blade components

In the still relatively new industry of composite materials, and particularly in wind turbine blade manufacture, reliable components are not readily available.

Even though lightning protection systems and attachment bolts can be purchased, the wind turbine blade has to be “re-invented” each time, developed from beginning to end, tested and manufactured in a single piece. This methodology has already been replaced in more highly-developed sectors, such as the automotive or electrical industry, by standardisation and access to “best of breed” components.

As one of the first developers, SSP also addressed the issue of components and as a result is now able to supply two proven core components; the “load carrying spar” and “root solution”. Using this as a platform combined with an application-specific aerodynamic profile, the client is able to obtain a specific blade solution at a fraction of the cost and with increased flexibility.


New NXT steel insert

SSP Technology has just developed a new improved “NXT” root joint insert concept. The NXT solution offers cost savings by introducing an optimized insert design.
Compared with the original SSP steel insert the NXT insert concept reduces the insert weight with approximately 65%.
The reduced weight improves “health and safety” in terms of heavy lifting and handling during layup process.
The NXT has a positive application across various blade lengths. The NXT allows for:
– Same turbine platform equipped with larger rotor for low wind sites.
– High static and fatigue strength allows same BCD for longer blades.
– High number of bolts on a given BCD.

A detailed case study explaining the advantages of the NXT solution is available.
If interested please contact: and request “NXT case study”