SSP Technology focuses on high quality craftmanship

SSP Technology designs/develops XXL offshore prototype blades

SSP Technology combines newest technology and experience for optimal blades

SSP Technology supplies moulds and root joints for wind turbine blades

Prototype blade projects

SSP Technology has a vast experience in the challenging field of manufacturing prototype blades!
The track record includes prototype blades for: 1.5  –  2  –  2.5  –  3, 5  –  6.2 and 7 MW.
SSP Technology has also experience in prototype blade within the KW class.
The blades range from 13 to 83.5 m.

In 2013 SSP Technology executed a 7 MW blade project in partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries including:

– blade design
– tooling and mould manufacturing
– production of test blade
– prototype blade set
– execution of static and fatigue testing

This was done within a very short time span, which is an evidence of SSP Technology’s ability to meet the “time to market” demands.

Serial blade production

Since 2001 SSP Technology has produced various types of blades in serial series.