SSP Technology focuses on high quality craftmanship

SSP Technology designs/develops XXL offshore prototype blades

SSP Technology combines newest technology and experience for optimal blades

SSP Technology supplies moulds and root joints for wind turbine blades


Development work in the field of rotor blades is expensive and often very time-consuming. Even if you are just seeking a second opinion or want to discuss a specific problem, our team of experts is always at your disposal.

This applies in particular to the following areas of expertise:

• Aerodynamic design
• Structural design
• FEM calculation
• Material selection
• Process development
• Lightning protection
• Production layout
• Tooling manufacture

Our consultancy is based not only on theoretical considerations and calculations, but to a high degree on the wealth of experience gained from research and development of moulds, prototypes and new ways of combining materials.

The blades of tomorrow are developed together with the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers, thus, we have a thorough knowledge of all project stages. Comprehensive technical documentation is prepared for all project stages, including descriptions of all relevant tests, observations and conclusions.


With about 15 years of experience in blade technology, SSP Technology has great experience with blade optimization. The company has built up an extensive knowledge base consisting of design competencies, material choice, production methods, factory set-up and exquisite craftsmanship. Consequently, we have a strong market position and can offer our customers a wide range of service solutions.

Our service organization has accumulated over 50 years of experience in wind and their expertise spans across maintenance, inspection and reporting, factory layout and logistics, test, technology transfer and training of customer’s staff.
Satisfied customers are our most important priority, and we consider excellent customer service and building long-term partnerships as being two important cornerstones of our success.

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